Our Story

The Angel & Lily Family


We believe dogs are family! 

We share our homes with them. We share our beds with them. We spend our Holidays with them. We even have them in our weddings as ring bearers and Best Dogs!

Our family deserves the very best and it is our goal at Angel & Lily Dog Collars + Accessories to design and create the best, most unique and special products and provide the best customer service. When you shop at Angel & Lily, you and your furry family become a part of our pack!

It is our mission to make your dog look amazing and adorable, whether it is just for a walk in the park, for your wedding day or other special occasions.

The idea behind Angel & Lily Dog Collars + Accessories began 12 years ago when Angel came into our lives. I was looking for a cute collar for him at the big box stores and I was not impressed at all with the selection.

Then it hit me - I can sew and I have quite an impressive fabric stash! So, I made Angel some collars and everyone loved them. Next thing you know I have strangers on the street asking me where I got Angel's collar and my friends were asking me to make collars for their dogs!

That is when Angel & Lily Dog Collars + Accessories was born. Now here we are, making dog collars and accessories for dogs all over the world!

We source our supplies and materials from US businesses. We love to work with other small businesses whenever possible!

When you purchase from Angel & Lily, you are supporting small local business, who supports local animal shelters and rescues, and getting a product that is proudly and carefully made in the USA for your furry family members!